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Damage causes of LED lights

1. the current unstable voltage and power supply voltage are particularly vulnerable to destruction by LED lamps, many reasons for the sudden increase in voltage, power quality issues, or improper use of the user and other reasons may make sudden increase in power supply voltage.

2. lamp power access local short circuit, this is typically a line of parts, or other conductors short circuit voltage in the area increased.

3. the LED because of their quality may be damaged resulting in a short circuit, it is passed on to other LED voltage drop on the original.

4. the lamp cooling effect is not good, we all know the lamp light is a thermal process, if the lamp temperature high go bad easily LED character. This can easily cause damage to LED lights.

5. There may be the lamp into the water, because water is conductive, so that you can make the lights short circuit.

6. the Assembly without good anti-static work LED internal have been static electricity damage. Although, applying normal voltage and current values, is also extremely easy to cause damage to the LED.