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LED lighting technology and features

So-called LED lamps, as the name suggests, refers to the lighting products using LED (Light-emitting Diode, light emitting diodes) technology as the main light source. LED is a solid state Semiconductor components, its clockwise circulation using current semiconductor p-n junction coupling, then by the semiconductor separated negatively charged electrons and positively charged hole after the two carriers combined, and photon emission, different types of LED can emit infrared rays to Blu-ray, between different wavelengths of light, such as with violet to ultraviolet light. In recent years, new development is coated with phosphor in the Blu-ray LED, blue LED into a white-light LED products. This operation generally requires matching driver (LED Driver) or power supply (Power Supply), the driver or the power supply's main function is to convert AC voltage to a DC power supply, and at the finish line with LED of voltage and current to drive line components.