Customized LED Curing Lamp 64W Low Price Gel Lamp

Product Details

Base performance

1.Output powder: 54w (54w led or 54w uv, light source is switchable, also can be used together)

2.Input voltage: 100~240V, 50~60HZ

3.Lithium battery

4.Duration of use after charging: 80 minute

5.Auto sensor (automatic working after the hands put in)

6.Timing functions (10s, 30s, 60s)

7.Colors: white, red, black

8.Material: ABS, Plastic, Stainless Steel

9.Lamp type: LED

10.Life of lamps: 50,000 hour

11.Wave band: 365~400nm

12.Power interface: external power source, Electric, AC Adapter

13.Display: LCD display (can see the countdown and battery capacity)

14.Portable handle

15.Certification: CE, RoHS, UL, FCC

16.Function: Curing All Gel on the Market


1.Large power, fast drying 

2.The combination of led and uv lights source can be switched freely. Suitable for different needs of the customers.

3.The input power of this lamp is used all over the world mostly, can generalize the global market.

4.Carrying the battery, can use leave for the power source, to deal with the emergency situation without power source.

5.It is can be use 80 minute after charge, it is very convenient for door-to-door service

6.Auto sensor and stable performance, can save more time.

7.Timing function, without manually operated and do not worry about the time whether it suitable, save manpower and material resources.

8.Popular colors, can match different decoration style of the shop

9.Environmental material, low temperature resistant, easy dying, non-toxic, no-smell, high-gloss

10.Import lamp beads, stable performance, large power, small size, can suit changing environment.

11.Long-life of the lamp beads, high cost performance

12.external power source, convenient to use

13.Displaying the countdown and battery capacity on the LCD display, be clear at a glance.

14.Portable handle, convenient and easy-to-carry

15.Powerful functions, can dye all of the gel, ca suit various need.

16.Completed certificates, assuring quality.

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