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How Is The Nail Lamp Used Correctly?

How is the nail light pick?

The same time to do the faster the better

First, the most difficult to engage in the color (black, dark gray, dark blue, white) brush on the color plate, in the same time with different lights. After the good, with the nail buckle, Nail Lamp the more difficult to deduct the words, indicating that the better the performance of the lamp.

Nail lamp bottom is a reflector, the stronger the light the better the reflector, Nail Lamp the easier it is to dry.

How to use fingernails correctly

Different steps The time of the lights is different:

Primer: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds; color plastic: UV60 seconds / LED30 seconds;

Sealing: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds; no-clean Sealing: UV180 seconds / LED90 seconds

Especially the cover layer, must be dry. After the dry nails, the thumb can be taken again.

Note: Every time before and after the operation of the light, the best in the back of the hand, as well as the fingers of each joint coated with hand cream, add the hands of water, Nail Lamp so that the guests will not let the hands too dry!

Different kinds of glue light time is different

Even with the same brand, but different colors, different types of control light time requirements are different. Such as the general extension of the plastic light to be longer, dark light time to be longer.

Note that the nail lamp aging problem

Nail light used for a long time, lamp and nail lamp will appear aging. When the lamp is used for more than 5 months, the released UV will become unstable, Nail Lamp so each lamp will be replaced for about five months. And fingernails use a year almost can be scrapped.

Nail lamp - use method

This is the use of 36W:

1. On the power outlet, set the O / I switch to the position of I.

2. Put your hands or feet into the body, according to your request to set the time, from 30 seconds -180 seconds

3. When the time expires, the UV lamp will turn off automatically.

4. Please remove the bottom when replacing the lamp and cleaning the inside of the lamp.

5. The bottom plate can be pulled out.