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How To Use The Nail Lamp

Nail light, also known as nail light therapy light. Is dedicated to the nail in the process of light therapy of the drying, more for the Indonesian nail salon. Nail Lamp Generally in the nail process will wipe a nail on the nail a light therapy glue, can extend the nail with the force!


1. On the power outlet, set the O / I switch to the position of I.

2. Put the hands or feet into the body, according to the requirements set time, from 30 seconds -180 seconds.

3. When the time expires, Nail Lamp the UV lamp will turn off automatically.

4. Please remove the bottom when replacing the lamp and cleaning the inside of the lamp.

5. The bottom plate can be pulled out.

Principle: the use of lanolin in the light effect of solidification glue in the ultraviolet radiation will occur under the principle of curing reaction, nail color lamp is actually ultraviolet light. Nail lamp use UV lamp wavelength is generally 320-400nm, is a long wave of UV range, Nail Lamp will not cause serious damage to the skin, but will make the skin tan, aging.

Nail light, also known as nail light therapy light. Is dedicated to nail processes in the drying of light coating, used for nail salon.

Do light therapy nail, exfoliating skin thinning, if not coated sunscreen direct light treatment lamp more easily lead to skin aging. So short-term light treatment of light although harmless, Nail Lamp but also pay attention to hand care and maintenance.