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LED UV Nail Light Is Issued By The Long-wave Ultraviolet Light

LED UV nail light is issued by UVA (long-wave ultraviolet light)

LED UV nail light with ordinary lighting as the light, the human skin and eyes without injury. In contrast, LED lights more energy than UV lamps, LED UV Nail Lamp lighting time is shortened but the corresponding price is slightly more expensive than the UV lamp. LED lights will not make the skin with melanin precipitation; Moreover, LED lights are not so hot UV light, will not burn hands, feet.

The new LED UV nail lamp lamp we say is UV + LED lights, the advantage is long life, low power, low heat, more stable ultraviolet light, penetrating ability.

Note LED UV nail lamp life will have a certain impact! When the lamp is used for more than 5 months, the released UV will become unstable, so each lamp needs to be replaced before 6 months of use.

LED UV nail bulbs generally have 9 watts, 14 watts, 18 watts, 36 watts and 54 watts, depending on the quality and wattage prices. Light therapy plastic from 8 yuan to 100 yuan range, if a box is an ounce, you can do 6-8 hands, if it is skilled nail division, do not waste the case can do more. LED UV Nail Lamp Light therapy nail tools include (light therapy light, light therapy pen, light therapy gel, paper care or a film, carved bar, sand, wash gel and some fancy jewelry can be fancy. Requirements, 200-300 or so