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The Performance Of The Nail Lamp

How to pick a nail

The same time to do the faster the better the better

First, the most difficult to engage in the color (black, dark gray, dark blue, white) brush on the color plate, in the same time with different lights. After the good, with the nail buckle, Nail Lamp the more difficult to deduct the words, indicating that the better the performance of the lamp.

The stronger the light, the better

Nail lamp bottom is a reflector, the stronger the light the better the reflector, Nail Lamp the easier it is to dry.

How to use fingernails correctly

Note the light time

Different steps The time of the lights is different:

Primer: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds; color plastic: UV60 seconds / LED30 seconds;

Sealing: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds; no-clean Sealing: UV180 seconds / LED90 seconds

Especially the seal layer, must be dry. After the dry nails, the thumb can be taken again.

Note: Every time before and after the light operation, Nail Lamp the best in the back of the hand, as well as the fingers of each joint coated with hand cream, add the hands of water, so that the guests will not let the hands too dry!

Different kinds of glue light time is different

Even with the same brand, but different colors, different types of control light time requirements are different. Such as the general extension of the plastic light to be longer, Nail Lamp dark light time to grow a little longer.

Attention to the aging of the nail lamp

Nail light use for a long time, lamp and nail lamp will appear aging. When the lamp is used for more than 5 months, the released UV rays will become unstable, Nail Lamp so each lamp will be replaced for about five months. And fingernails use a year almost can be scrapped.

Nail light, also known as nail light therapy lamp, is dedicated to nail in the process of light plastic or nail polish drying curing. According to the different principles of light operation, divided into LED lights and UV lights. So, what is the difference between the LED light therapy lamp and the UV light therapy lamp?

1, who is safer than anyone else: ordinary UV lamp wavelength is 365mm, belonging to UVA. UVA is also known as aging rays, a small amount of UVA will cause great harm to the skin, long-term exposure to UVA will cause harm to the eyes, and this damage can be accumulated, irreversible. So some sisters will find the number of phototherapy more hand will turn black and dry! LED lights are visible light, wavelength 400mm-500mm, with the ordinary light of the same lighting, the human skin and eyes without injury. Therefore, from a security point of view, LED light therapy lamp than UV and other lights on the skin and eye protection better!

2, than the glue curing speed

As the LED lights longer than the wavelength of UV lamps, according to dry a nail polish LED lights generally take about 30 seconds to dry, and ordinary UV lamps will take 3 minutes to dry.

3, more comfortable than anyone else: ordinary UV lamp in the light will produce a high heat, the general temperature of 50-70 degrees, accidentally encountered, then it is easy to burn. And LED is a cold light source, there will be no uv lamp burning sensation, even if the hand touch the lamp will not feel hot. Especially for the surface of the original thin nail enthusiasts, LED lights than the UV lamp burning pain will slow down.

4, more than anyone else: UV light can do all the brand of light therapy glue and nail polish, but the LED can do all the nail polish but not necessarily able to dry light therapy Oh ~ so from the totality of the , Uv light slightly better!

Nail lamp - use method

This is the use of 36W:

1. On the power outlet, set the O / I switch to the position of I.

2. Put your hands or feet into the body, according to your request to set the time, from 30 seconds -180 seconds

3. When the time is over, the UV lamp will turn off automatically.

4. Please remove the bottom when replacing the lamp and cleaning the inside of the lamp.

5. The bottom plate can be pulled out.

If the new light is not dry, it may be coated too thick, and each layer of plastic should be thin Tu.

And then the end of the general, if the end of the light is not completely dry, it will still have a little sticky

Sealing, then, according to the end of the need to clean the cotton dipped in cleaning liquid scrub the next side of the remaining glue, Nail Lamp to be cleaned before the dry thoroughly cured