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UV Lamp Applications

1, spray areas: Mobile Shell painting, cosmetics case, MP3 small appliances and other plastic coating companies are mostly used, Mobile Shell both spray and UV printing, UV requirements are not the same, look at the products and equipment. Mobile phone shell coating company, most of the 6-8 lamp (a coating line) as long as the parameter, as long as you know his specification and parameter of the UV lamp, can guarantee the replacement.

2, printing: screen printing, offset, 5-color printing uses. Such as USB flash drive, CD or something, using UV protected plastic, when the CD printing, screen printing with UV inks, screen printing, mostly using UV inks for printing. Fast drying, good adhesion, various performance standards (adhesion, friction, etc).

3, shoes: is the use of ultraviolet light sole material make it react to make adhesive with good affinity with the soles and uppers. Footwear, suitable for rubber, UV adhesive for plastic adhesion, like hospital infusion tube of adhesive. Companies that make high-end sneakers in General, you can use, the industry's business, based on the technology.

4, wood industry: only for surface coating, UV coating (light oil) all aspects of performance: for example, friction force, Ph resistance, weather resistance, and so on, after UV coating, you can make the surface gloss gorgeous wood floors. Wood coating, mostly use the tube length is longer, most of the power in 1000mm length or so.

5, PCB, LCD industries: PCB is the circuit board UV lamps for printed circuit board using METAL (metal halide lamps), there is a metal halogen lamp made of PCB exposure lamp is also used for exposure, generally used in circuit board company. LCD is a display, generally with low pressure UV lamp and lamp for curing cold are not the same, but belong to ultraviolet light, uses are not the same.