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UV Lamp Installation Issues

1, before the installation of ethanol will wipe clean the lamp and wear clean gloves to hold the lamp.

2, install the card tube hole pad with a cloth tube inserted, do not let the lamp touch the metal end plate, let the lamp on a cloth rubbing into. UV lamp must pay attention to the direction of the connection direction. Otherwise it will cause lamp damage and reduced life expectancy or the lamp surface temperature appears.

3, the tube was fitted, hand-hold lamp placed on the deck a few times to see whether the lamp is free, so splitting behavior does not occur when installing the light.

4, sometimes when you check your lamp, UV lamp to remove the observer found lines on the tube wall of the traces and wipe off. This is due to not wearing gloves when installing the lamp, hand perspiration and dirt stuck to the tube by high-temperature sintered carbide crystals of quartz glass. Serious stains appear flat lamp scrapped.

5, install or replace the UV lamp, you must switch off the power supply when cleaning lamp shades, you will get a shock.

6 maintenance period to use UV lamps, and lamp, at the appropriate time (1-2 months) with anhydrous ethanol, clean gauze lamp surface reflector and reflector surface, then the UV lamp is rotated 180 degrees. Lamp shade reflector after the loss of the mirror effect has to be replaced.