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UV Lamp Parameter

Parameter UV lamp: UV lamp power supply voltage, typically UV lamp voltage is 220V, 380V or 110V. 220V widely, this is also conform to our daily lives of voltage, the power supply can stabilize voltage, for UV protection.

Second parameter UV lamp: UV lamp operating voltage working voltage in the industry, also known as the tube, each end of the tube is a tube voltage. stability of the tube determines the UV lights and UV equipment working properly.

Three UV lamp parameters: UV lamp current, commonly known as pipe flow, currents will directly affect the normal operation of the UV lamp.

UV lamp parameters IV: UV lamp starting current, starting current is the momentary high current when starting the UV lamp, because ampere meter UV curing machines starting current of the moment when you start great, manufacturers are prepared to high standards supporting the ammeter, 30A ammeter can avoid damage to UV light at startup.

Parameter v UV lamp: UV lamp power density, density refers to the area can focus on high energy per square centimeter.

UV lamp parameters VI: UV lamp size, according to different manufacturers use UV lamps and UV machine configuration takes into account the size of tube diameter, diameter, pipe diameter size lamp energy, so that the overall poor configuration.

UV lamp parameters seven: UV lamp pole distance (light), is the lamp electrodes for simple distance from the electrodes, UV light curing machine the pole pitch length will affect the effective exposure of UV lamps.